My 4 year old is in a massive superhero phase. MASSIVE. It is all superheros all the time. Gone are the animal toys and cars he used to play with: now it’s “let’s count all the superheros that can fly” and “my very favourite heroes are Batman and Wolverine, who’s your favourite, mommy?” all day, everyday. We listen to the theme songs from old superhero tv shows and he can sing most of them off by heart “when Captain America throws his mighty shield” and “Dr. Bruce Banner was pelted by gamma rays, turned into the Hulk….” Songs from over thirty years ago that are now stuck in my head at all hours of the day and night. He carries at least one action figure on him at all times and he has taught his two-year old sister the names of all of the villains and heroes. ¬†Sometimes he lets her be Superman but never, ever, Batman.

When I look at his room now, it is lovely and filled with art and pictures of animals but it is pretty skimpy on the superhero front. It would be pretty fun to give him a dose of superhero inspired decor for his room without going too cheesy and over the top. Maybe just a couple of items. Just to tide us over till the superhero phase is done and we are onto the next thing. Can’t wait to see what that will be…
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