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Art Together is a feature by Ryan Trott that showcases artists who work with children (in or out of the classroom), sharing their process and experiences.


Printmaker Anaick Moriceau lives and works in the picturesque French countryside, with artists such as Paul Wackers, Adam HigtonJessica Hans and Gemma Budden visiting and collaborating on works through her Studio Patrick residency. Her blissful Instagram feed and blog often showcase the incredible artwork (and wild fashion choices) of her two children Petra and Pépin alongside her own printmaking process. An amazingly inspiring artist and parent, Anaick was generous enough to answer a few questions about her experiences working with young artists.


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RT: Printmaking can be a fascinating process for children – what are some of the reactions you have seen when working with young people?

AM: Yes, kids are such a good audience but they are very focused at the same time. It often feels like a magical show, lots of “wow”. And then they want to be involved!


RT: How do you manage the coordination of printing with a large group of young students?

AM: That can be tricky, I usually set up a “mini factory” system. Each kid has a specific task and we do turn over. I split every step, even like handling the sheets of paper, or holding the hair dryer above the screen (they always want to do it!)


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RT: What kind of encouragement and input do you have on your own children’s personal art?

AM: Yes, they are always around, I show them all the prints I make. My daughter is really into drawing and she already has a strong sensitivity and creativity, my son is less patient… We do stuff together but it’s very chill, I would like them to stay open and curious as they are now.