With jazzy beats and trippy visuals, Art Clokey’s Gumbasia from 1955 invites you into a world of plasticine fantasy. Clokey, the creator of the ever-lovable and bendable Gumby character, made the film as a school project on a pool table in his father’s garage. It got into the hands of some Hollywood bigwigs who were so impressed that they ran the film two times in a row and offered Art a job on the spot. Next it was world, meet Gumby (and friends). Clokey’s life is a remarkable one, as detailed in the revealing documentary Gumby Darhma. If animated clay and the dark side of the peace and love era are your thing, it is worth a watch after your kid-time draws to a close. Both of these flicks and too many Gumby episodes to count (wait, 66), are stashed in the newly created Pomelo Magazine youtube channel under the tab Playlists. Check it out!