If you are sick of the kid options on Netflix, there are a few sweet alternatives to be found on the youtubes. I thought I would gather a handful together for you just in case anyone else out there is desperate for something a little different… Also a reminder that Pomelo has a youtube channel, where a larger selection of online gems can be found.

(A disclaimer: youtube playlists, as you most likely know, are oftentimes low-resolution and have the odd deleted vid or strange lego-version thrown in the mix. Just for a heads up in case this sort of thing drives you crazy. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these suggestions are pretty old-school, which comes with its attendant un-politically correct moments. Please be aware if this is a sticking point for you…)


1. Rupert:

A sweet white bear (although he is brown on the Rupert Annual covers), who goes on endless adventures with his assorted buddies in Nutwood and beyond.

2. Tin-Tin:

Everyone knows about Tin-Tin right? A boy with a dog who goes on grown-up adventures. Wholly thrilling for seven-year-olds! Beware of occasional shoot-outs and some (minor) characters dying, I can’t remember what exactly, but you may want to sit through a couple episodes to make sure you are down with your little buddies absorbing it.

3. Pingu:

This show had me sold with the episode where the mom reads the paper and the dad knits in the background. Pingu is an easy-to-love and true-to-life kid character that has temper tantrums and is basically bad half the time. Super fun to watch, especially for the younger set.

4. Pee-Wees Playhouse:

Pee-Wee, he is weird and sometimes disturbing, but mostly in a good way – right? Not for everyone, but most definitely for others who can appreciate a good dose of wacky surrealism mixed in with their kid entertainment.

5. Moomins:

The Moomins originated as a comic strip created by beloved artist Tove Jansson. Working in the opposite direction as Disney, the characters are refreshingly multi-dimensional and avoid the usual moral tales and lessons-in-disguise.

6. Fifi Brindacier (AKA Pippi Longstocking):

Hands-down the best opening sequence and theme song, it gets stuck in your head for days, but you like it. Fifi is Pippi Longstocking in her Swedish/French iteration. Dubbed mostly in french, but if you are an english-only household, still completely understandable and worth watching.

7. Barbapapa:

These shape-shifting blobs of colour can solve any problem by morphing into assorted creatures, tools, and what-have-you. Dubbed here in Italian, but like Fifi, still totally enjoyable for an english-only  audience.

8. Komaneko:

The cutest stop-motion kitty that sews her own dolls for her own stop-motion animation, these fuzzy and sweet meta-stories will charm you and your smalls off your feet…