How do you document your child’s life? Millions of iPhone pictures, growth charts, scrapbooks? Do people make scrapbooks? (we assume so as there is a large aisle at the art supply store.) Do you find you’ll take a million pictures then stop, then start again? While we’re not really fans of the forced baby growth pictures (you know the ones where the baby wears a onesie with their age printed on it while sitting in the same Eames rocking chair) but we do like the idea of regularly documenting our kids as they grow and learn.

Two parents have done beautiful jobs of this in really different ways. Firstly, Alain Laboile, who takes haunting black and white pictures of his wild looking gang (6 kids!!) in the rural area where they live.  And second, James Kicinski McCoy (of Bleu Bird Blog) who takes weekly crisp, light, bright pictures of her 4 kids around their Nashville home in a project called 52 Weeks  . The two styles are completely different but the outcome of each is stunning. Here are some of our favorites from each photographer/parent. Which is your favorite?

family-children-photography-alain-laboile-1 family-children-photography-alain-laboile-2 family-children-photography-alain-laboile-3 family-children-photography-alain-laboile

Photos by Alain Laboile

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Photos by  James Kicinski McCoy


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