This time of year we’re basically hibernating anyways so why not channel that coziness into a woodland  dress up birthday party. Yes please! Round up your favorite animals & adventurers for storytelling around the ‘campfire‘, pin the tail on the fawn and maybe even some indoor camping if your kids are sleepover age. Maybe award merit badges for different silly activities, doesn’t everyone want a badge for “Cake completion”!?


Have kids come dressed up or make simple costumes at the party like the fox nose made from egg cartons pictured below. You could also have a mask decorating station where kids can transform into their favorite wildthings. Happy exploring!

TREATS: (clockwise from top left)  snail macaron  | owl cake  | fox cake  | bunny cake | bear cake

DECOR: (clockwise from top left)  tent  | table setting  | fox pinata  |  birch straws

DRESS: (clockwise from top left)  bear mask | fox nose | plate mask | bag costume | owl mask


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