This morning we’d like to introduce you to Annika Krausz. Annika worked for 12 years in the film set industry before starting her successful career doing residential and commercial interiors. She and her husband are also part owners of Lawrence restaurant in Montreal where they are raising their two super adorable kids. You can read her designer/mom blog here. 


“There was a time a couple of years ago when I wanted to wallpaper every room in a house. EVERY room. I was crazy for wallpaper. Today my love for wallpaper has not diminished but it has become more selective. I now especially love it for powder rooms and kids rooms. I think papering a child’s bedroom, even just one wall, can add a real fun and magical element to the space. It is adding great art to your baby’s room which is so super important for their little brains. And important for your eyeballs too!


Back in the day, the options for kid’s rooms were of the cutesy/barnyard/choo choo train variety. Nowadays, there are some very cool and non-cutesy wallpapers to choose from.The hard part is finding something that can grow with your child, taking him from baby to toddler and maybe even beyond. Equally hard is choosing something in the sea of wallpaper out there. The options below can hopefully do the trick- giving your little love a lot of fun shapes, colours, and yes, animals too, to stare at for years to come. They range in price but the Spoonflower picks are especially affordable. So go ahead! Let yourself go wallpaper crazy!”


For more wallpaper inspiration visit our Room To Grow board on Pinterest

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