Cabin fever can get the best of anyone, whether it’s due to a brand new baby or simply the icy weather. We asked around to find out how different parents deal with the encroaching walls of being penned up with kids. Here’s what they had to say;


“Definitely play dates! When Oz was little we joined a playgroup at the Y. It was once or twice a week for about an hour and a half. The friends, both for mommy and for O, that we made there, are still friends today. They also became classmates at daycare, since we were all neighborhood peeps. The Y and the baby café were my saving grace. And no matter what the weather was like, I forced myself out the door and to the coffee shop. Every day.” – Annika K.


“Go outside. You will spend a lot of time mustering up the motivation and even more time getting bundled up. By the time you get outside it will either A) Not be as cold as you thought it was, or be way colder. In the event of B, go back inside, make another coffee and marvel at how you just killed an hour. In the event of A) feel smug. Tell old man winter to eat your shorts.” – Karmin S.


“I like to head to the pool! The kids love it and they get great exercise! I like to follow it up with going out for something to eat…” – Justin B.


“Jojo loves the snow. I took her out on the sled on the first snowfall. Play dates are always fun too. It definitely helps to have friends close by. So they can get together, play, dress up and have fun. Other things we do include; read stories, sing, eat, painting, cleaning up, and of course the ever reliable netflix and teletoons! We also do dance and swimming classes on the weekend. Kung fu is next on the agenda. I think being out and active is the best cure for winter blues and cabin fever. We hardly ever use the stroller. We try and make Jojo walk as much as possible to build up her muscles!” – Daniel S.


“I’ve recently employed Keel as my silk screening monkey. They’re not perfect, but who gives a f***? He’s five and showing interest and/or wonder in what I’m doing.“- Morgan H.


It’s all about the pool!!! Really its the best way for your kid(s) to burn energy in a relatively safe, kid friendly environment plus you get to be in a pool. Its affordable, wholesome, and healthy (plus if you accidentally get a little hungover it will cure that right up too)-win win!” – Emily M.


Illustration by Henning Gjerde



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