Stumbled upon these beautifully loved vintage bears on the World Wide Web the other day and had to share. Each has such a distinct personality, I wish they could all tell the tale of their adventures…maybe all that love from a child really can make them real? All these images were found from a toy and collectibles auction house and their descriptions are almost as good as the Teds themselves, here are a few examples:

“Horace”: British cinnamon mohair teddy bear, amber and black glass eyes, vertically stitched black nose, rexine pads, jointed limbs, inoperative squeaker, mohair showing slight playwear, otherwise Good, rexine cracked, left pad repaired, 14″/36cm.

Pedigree golden mohair teddy bear, British, late 1950s, label to rear seam, orange and black plastic eyes, black vertically stitched nose, fully jointed, brown velveteen pads, growler, mohair very slight areas of thinning, otherwise Very Good, 14″/36cm.

American golden mohair teddy bear, 1920s, orange and black glass eyes, horizontally stitched black nose, fully jointed, black claw stitching, inoperative growler, re-covered pads, restitched rear torso, stuffing shifted tops of arms, areas of balding/thinning, 23″/59cm.

Merrythought Cheeky blond mohair Teddy Bear, 1950s, amber and black glass eyes, inset velvet muzzle, black vertically stitched nose, bells within ears, fully jointed, felt pads, black claw stitching, mohair slight wear, mainly Good Plus to Excellent, 24″/61cm.

After looking through countless bears, I was also reminded of a contemporary maker of joint-limbed and glass-eyed Teddy Bears, Jennifer Murphy and her Polka Dot Club, whose creations are truly exquisite treasures. You can pretend you are buying them for the baby, but we all know those are going on the top shelf for when Mommy needs a time-out.


(all images from here)