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I had the chance to go to the wonderful Museum of Anthropology a couple of weekends ago and was amazed at their extensive collection of cultural artifacts from around the globe (with a special emphasis on the native culture of the Pacific Northwest). I was especially transfixed by the objects for children, the handwoven cradles with leather and beaded straps and the assortment of toys, sometimes not much more than a stone carved to spin like a top.

Much of the collection is on view in their visible storage, a maze of glass cases and pull out drawers, and the entire thing is catalogued online for your viewing and research pleasure. With excellent zoomified photos and additional information, this becomes such a valuable resource available to the general public. If you are in any way a catalog/library/ethnography/Antiques Roadshow kind of geek, this would be a fun way to lose a couple of hours after your own stewards of the future world have drifted off to sleepytown…


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670/1 a-c Components

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