This week it’s all about food because it’s the Holidays and we want to eat. eat, eat. Having your kids decorate Christmas cookies can result in some pretty bizarro looking treats (we mean that in a good way) so why not make the cookies in any shape they can think up. Heidi Kenney shows us how she made tree stumps & mushroom cookie cutters out of just tinfoil & staples. These cutters won’t last forever but if you clean them carefully you might get more than one run out of them. Have your kids draw the shape they want (try not to have any really thin parts to avoid burnt cookies) and then outline it with a folded piece of foil and staple it together (visit My Paper Crane for the precise directions). Once baked decorate to your hearts content. The best sprinkle selection online is at Bake It Pretty and you can find candy eyes here. 


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