We recently received an Ikea kiddie kitchen and some dishes and fake food. My kids love it. My four year-old brings us muffin/french-fry/tomato soup and spaghetti with chocolate pickle juice. Delicious. My two year-old makes us coffee and tea- not super exciting but she takes great pride in it. Other than the back-breaking work of picking up every fruit and vegetable and utensil that rolls under the couch and all the exhausting fake eating of revolting food combos, this is one of the best toys we own. Also, it looks nice. And I guess the kids use their imagination and learn about food and cooking, blah blah blah. But of equal importance to me, it looks nice.

Here are some cool decor options for your budding chef or barista and some great little kitchens. It’s never too early to get them cooking! Even if their concoctions will be super weird…


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