Though I love me some minimalism on paper, I love a house filled with art and tchotchke more. Growing up with artists (my Dad and my Grandpa) and a collector of ceramics and objects (my mom), I was very lucky to be constantly surrounded by art, in all its forms, everywhere I looked. Every room of every house we lived in had art on the walls, leaning against the walls, in bookshelves, everywhere. My room was no exception and it wasn’t cutesy baby art either.

When decorating my own children’s rooms, I started with a vague colour palette and then found meaningful art that would stimulate their unfocused baby eyes and still be interesting to look at later on. Nothing fancy, mainly prints, cards and photographs found on Etsy or at flea markets. Some cool band posters that I liked with some family artwork and photographs thrown into the mix. Eclectic, fun, warm and good looking –  a mix of art in a child’s room is a great gift.

Here are some tips for adding fun and easy art to your babe’s room because, really, no child is a minimalist.



Why not color copy images from your child’s favorite book and get some inexpensive white frames and cover a whole wall with the result?
I would love to color copy pictures from Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.



Your kid’s art work is probably your most precious art. Give them the praise they deserve. Put those squiggles up!



Another DIY option is the magical Washi tape. I have a serious obsession with this wonderful all-purpose tool. Not only is it a great way to put up your kid’s art without damaging your walls every time you want to switch out a drawing, but you can also use the washi tape itself to make art in your little one’s room, on the walls and even on the floors!


▼ MAPS ▲

What better way to teach your child about the world and open them up to adventure than using maps as their bedroom art?

Important note:
I still remember the nightmares I had from an Alexander Calder poster that was above my bed when I was 4, so do think about what you put up carefully and try looking at it from a child’s perspective. Just because it was called “Laughing Moon” didn’t make it particularly funny for a little kid Mom and Dad!


Annika Krausz


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