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There are endless obnoxious songs for kids but what about the beautiful songs about them. Pomelo Magazine compiled some of our favorite songs about kids, babies and new parenthood. What songs are on your list?


My Son Cool (Why Wasn’t This Here Before?) | Guided By Voices

The title is almost longer than the song itself but sums up new parenthood rather well. ” The night screams for contact and clue, I must keep a journal, I must boast a victory”


Stay Up Late | Talking Heads

David Byrne’s amazing song from the point of view of the older siblings of new baby “And we’re having fun with no money, Little smile on his face, Don’t cha’ love the little baby, Don’t you want to make him, Stay up late”


Making Plans For Nigel | XTC
An anthem for overbearing parents ” We’re only making plans for Nigel, He has his future in a British steel, We’re only making plans for Nigel, Nigel’s whole future is as good as sealed”


Pink & Blue | The Mountain Goats

John Darnielle’s sweet lyrics about new parenthood, though we hope he wasn’t actually feeding a newborn mashed up banana. “what will i do with you, pink and blue? true gold. nine days old. nice new clothes on you and old carboard produce box for a cradle. i mashed some bananas in a coffee cup and
i fed you there at the kitchen table.”


Kooks | David Bowie

Bowie’s song for his first child Zowie Bowie perfectly describes how we imagine it would be like to be raised by a glam rock star and a 70s fashion model “And if you ever have to go to school, Remember how they messed up this old fool, Don’t pick fights with the bullies or the cads, ‘Cause I’m not much cop at punching other people’s Dads, And if the homework brings you down, Then we’ll throw it on the fire And take the car downtown”



  1. Oh, I like this list a lot.

    I’d also suggest that “Bertie” by Kate Bush is worth a listen, not only because my own son, Albert, is a Bertie but because the lyrics are plain and sweet and about love without limits. I especially like singing to him,

    Here comes the sunshine
    Here comes that son of mine
    Here comes the everything
    Here’s a song and a song for him.

    Loudon Wainwright has a pair of fatherhood songs I enjoy too. There’s ‘Daughter’ which celebrates the fierce love a father has for his spirited daughter,

    That’s my daughter in the water
    Every time she fell I caught her.
    Every time she fell.
    That’s my daughter in the water,
    I lost every time I fought her.
    Yea, I lost every time.

    Wainwright’s naughty, jubilant breastfeeding song, ‘Rufus is a Tit Man’ is another favourite of mine. I can just imagine him singing it to Kate McGarrigle,

    Marco Polo craved the spice and silk
    And Rufus craves the mamma’s milk
    No moo-cow no billy-goat
    Is gonna get the baby’s vote.
    Come on mamma…

    Meeting my son has given me a lot to put into my writing and my art. It seems to be universal.

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