I was recently over at past Pomelo contributor (and Interior Designer extraordinaire) Annika Krausz’s home watching as her two little ones unpacked an enormous bounty of hand-me-down Playmobil in her meticulously designed living room. As we watched them carefully sorting the horses and knights from the beach goers and hotdog stand (they are their mother’s children) she talked nervously about what kind of multi-tiered-super-drawer-colour-coordinated storage contraption she was going to possibly be able to store all these millions of pieces in. It was then that I remembered hearing about Pley, quite possibly the most ingenious start-up membership club I’ve ever heard of. For about $20 you get access to over $200 worth of Lego over the span of a year. Depending on the membership you choose you get access to from 95 to over 300 kits and here’s the best part… you send them back!  So just when your child is growing tired of one kit you replace it with a new one without having the mountain of little plastic blocks in your home grow and grow until it fills every Rubbermaid bin in the Container Store. Genius!