Who doesn’t love a pop up book?! We discovered three amazing art related pop up books for a range of ages.

The first is One Red Dot, a stunning tour de force from David A. Carter. Each of the ten magnificent pop-up sculptures challenges readers to find the one red dot. From the flip-flop flaps to the whimsical wiggle-wobble widgets, each page is an original piece of artwork to cherish and admire.






Second is less of an traditional pop up and more of an interactive experience in a book format. The Game of Sculpture by Hervé Tullet has kids pull out card pieces and build their own art piece using slots and holes. It encourages creativity and experimentation and results in a beautiful finished paper sculpture.


This last one is a better selection for slightly older kids with an interest in art as there is a little more information and reading involved. Our resident interior designer Annika Krausz has mentioned being traumatized by a scary Alexander Calder print hung in her room as a child but we don’t think Alexander Calder: Meet The Artist will have the same effect.





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