Pop-up-books are a delightful way to navigate through a story, as the visual surprise on every page keeps us intrigued! As a kid, I rarely read novels during Library period at School. I was far more interested in visuals than text, Magic Eye* in particular! This weekend I was super excited when I rediscovered a pop-up-book I used to love: How Many Bugs in A Box?, written and designed by David A. Carter— an Elementary School fave! Not knowing anything about the man himself, I searched to see what he was up to, and if he was still active. The results lead me to more than I had hoped, as I was thrilled to see his most recent collection, the Color series.

The Color series is comprised of five books: One Red Dot, Blue 2, 600 Black Spots, Yellow Square, and White Noise, each with quite literal titles. For example, 600 Black Spots has 600 black spots that you can count throughout the book. I watched videos of the pages in action and was mesmerized; some pop-ups reminded me of the Eames, Solar Do Nothing Machine. The pop-up on each page resembles a mini modern sculpture, as the harmonious compositions showcase brightly coloured abstract shapes and structures. Certain pages invite the reader to participate in the story, by pulling tabs or opening and closing the book slightly, creating movement within the paper construction. Below I have included a video of David presenting books from the Color series so you can see the magic for yourself!


xx Lucy

* for those who aren’t familiar with the Magic Eye books, they are a visual illusion of a 3D scene, an autostereogram.