My husband and I transplanted from the West Coast to Montreal eight years ago and nothing made us miss the Oceanfront lifestyle quite like having a city baby. We were suddenly overwhelmed with Pacific Northwestern nostalgia. My husband, especially, started longing for our daughter to experience some of the magical Gulf Island hippie childhood he had known; with its sandy beaches, homegrown foods and a community center built into a tree trunk (don’t believe me?). We aren’t looking to move anytime soon, you just can’t argue with $7 a day daycare, but we talk a lot about ways of injecting a little more “granola”, a little more “West coast vibes” into our lives.

All this to say that the baby & kids wear of Red Creek Handmade hits me where it counts, I mean listen to this bio “All of her clothing and quilts are made on her homestead in Squamish BC, where she lives with her partner Reagen, their daughter June, their dog Hazel, her potager garden and about 100  chickens” We’re not ready to pack our bags quite yet but maybe quilted linen baby rompers and a container garden on the balcony will do for now.
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