Forget pink and blue and the I-don’t-know-what-I’m-having so I’ll go with green or yellow nursery. Go bold! Go black and white! A black and white scheme is a great place to start when designing a nursery. Give yourself a break from all the cutesy decor out there with white walls and black and white decorative accents.  You can find heaps of inspiration on line- so many beautifully designed rooms are going B&W.

Black and white acts as the perfect canvas for all the great colourful artwork and accessories for children out there while allowing you to cut down on traditionally ‘cute’ baby design. Best of all, the high contrast effect is amazing for their little baby brain development. I LOVE IT!
Here are some examples of some stunning black and white room designs along with some ideas (above) to get you started. Then all you’ll need to do is add some colour pops like red or yellow, some fun art and voilà! A cool kid’s room that is easy to update and will stay cool for years.

high stool | bolster | crib sheet | house decal | hooks | ‘mais oui’ | rocker | wire basket | ‘magic happens’ | basket | pouf

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