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One of my favourite book series as a young child was the Berenstain Bears and the one that sticks with me is The Berenstain Bears get the Gimmes. The bears can’t go to the grocery store without throwing epic tantrums over candy & small toys (familiar, yes?) until mama & papa teach them about the charity box at the checkout.
Spring cleaning season is a great time to have your kids go through old toys and clothing that they may have outgrown in order to donate them. If you simply go through their stuff on your own they may feel like it’s a punishment and cling, with all their life force, to things they never use or wear. If the concept of charity and the reality of some kids having nothing is explained first and your kids are encouraged to sort things on their own you may be surprised by how generous they become.

And then maybe you’ll be compelled to go through your own stuff…maybe.


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