Today’s Sunday Project was created by Véronique from Pichouline and was discovered on Bloesom Kids. It’s a mini photoviewer, sort of the opposite  of swiping through pictures on an iPhone (which young kids are so eerily good at). This project involves some adult supervision and involvement but have your kids choose which pictures to use and get them to decorate the outside of the viewer. Use pictures of your kids and make a few at a time and you’ll have a gift for the grandparents to check off your list. Think of how much they’ll enjoy showing it to their friends and bragging about their “beautiful clever grandchildren”.

You will need;

*matchbox or small cardboard box
*pictures of your kids, family, friends, favourite animals, flowers…anything you want
*straw or wooden stick
*punch, awl or sharp pencil
*scissors or knife
*coloured paper, craft paint or stamps and stamp pad
*tape or masking tape – double-sided tape or glue

See Bloesom Kids for the full directions (plus a million other great projects).


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