Super Groupe is a duo from France creating unreal illustrations, installations and…costumes! We love a bit of dress-up and these getups are next level amazing. They look like what would happen if an Andy Rementer drawing and a Muppet fell in love and had a baby on Halloween. Check out the rest of their work on their site, FYI it includes temporary tattoos, carnival head cutout thingies (what are those called?) and a hippie picnic photo booth backdrop. If (adorable) drawings of boobies are a problem, you’ve been warned.

Below you can enjoy a video of another dress-up project they did a few years back called Bande de Mutants, a kind of build-your-own-monster-party-photoshoot. You know, just another one of one of those, no big deal!

supergroupe_creature4_lisalaubreaux_pablograndmourcel super2

Bande de Mutants from SUPER GROUPE on Vimeo.