We all know Netflix is full of evening-absorbing-binge-watching magic (Halt and Catch Fire, Gilmore Girls, House of Cards) but it’s also full of a lot of garbage and the same goes for the kids section. Hidden amongst the most ‘popular’ (and terrible) movies there are some real gems. Here’s a list of our favourites;



A Cat in Paris – A beautifully drawn story of a cat in (you guessed it) Paris who lives a double life as a little girl’s loving pet and a burglar’s sidekick. Action packed!



The Muppet Movie – You can’t say enough awesome stuff about the original Muppet Movie (and every other one that followed). Follow Kermit on his road trip towards making it big in Hollywood. There are so many good song and dance routines for the kids and so many mature jokes that are funny to adults without even registering with the little ones.



The Secret of Kells – An ancient books of secrets, magic powers and adventure all beautifully illustrated. This is the good stuff!



Chicken Run – In this claymation masterpiece a Yankee rooster helps a brood of British chickens escape when their farm decides to stop selling eggs and to start a pot pie business. Brought to us by the same studio as Wallace & Gromit, enough said.



Antz Following Toy Story, Antz was only the second computer-animated feature length movie and all things considered it holds up really well. Starring the voice of Woody Allen it’s like his typical existential crisis movie…for kids, but, you know, in a good way.



Mr. Peabody & Sherman – A reinvention of the classic Rocky & Bullwinkle duo. A genius dog has adopted a young boy and together they travel through time. An adventure movie and a history class all in one.