During the 60s and 70s incredibly playful and bright toys originated from a number of toy manufactures in Soviet Bloc countries like Czechoslovakia. One of the masterminds behind this now iconic toy style was Libuše Niklová. While the trend with contemporary children’s toys is to be organic and natural, in the 60s Niklová was thinking of the future and the future was plastic. She stated “In the future products from plastic matter will surround man just like the air, and they will become commonplace. Increasingly, natural materials will be a luxury and the object of admiration. The future, however, belongs to plastic.” How right she was. While we like to avoid bringing new plastics into our homes we can appreciate that at the time these beautiful toys were created to be bright, colorful, inexpensive  and widely available. In the video below you can watch Libuše Niklová’s son, the artist Peter Nikl, share some of his mother’s incredibly timeless work. As you might expect from the son of a toy maker he’s a little kooky.

expo-niklova-6 HARMONIKY_14_ Micka the Cat and Dog -by Libuse Niklova



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