I like to think that now and then I have everyone fooled: my hair appears clean, my house partly vacuumed, and dinner prepared by 8:00. And then I have a day where I am forced to stop and acknowledge that, ‘yup, that just happened’. A day where I have to think if didn’t have my son I could quite possibly seem like a normal person with the odd awkward moment.

While walking home on the first beautiful sunny spring day from daycare I noticed that I was getting checked out – a lot. At first I thought that maybe I looked better than usual and so continued to walk along confidently. I also noticed that my sunglasses were extremely dirty, but lacked the motivation to actually take them off and clean them, thinking I would just wipe them off at home.

The looks from other people and their smiles were starting to freak me out. While standing on the corner of my street I finally took off my glasses and with blushing laughter I realized I was wearing my three-year-old’s small neon yellow sunglasses. And there we have it – my put-together, lipstick-on-straight, city-savvy persona foiled!

Having my son has somehow bestowed me with more astute clumsy powers and random bouts of laughter. That laughter that comes from the gut, and makes you giggle in line at the checkout while standing alone waiting to pay for an avocado. Super incredible, delicious moments of happiness and laughter. The greatest gift, don’t you think?


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