Wary Meyers are master vintage collectors and sellers with an eye for amazing kids items mostly from the 60s and 70s. They have developed a real style and because of that most of their items fly out of their shop as soon as they’re posted. They carry clothing and books but we love them for their toys. They have acquired some vintage Creative Playthings (if you’re unfamiliar please investigate) which are a real treat to find in good condition and even have a few of their own designs for kids, namely puppets and crazy applique jeans. Here are a few of the items on our Holiday wish list;

wary 1-01

The perfect wool toggle coat sz 2 – $35 wary2-01

Creative Playthings stilts & pull toy – $79 & $45


wary 4

How good would this Boob print be in a nursery?! Pretty good! – $45

wary 3

We’re oh so saddened that this Tongue Chair is sold out but that why they call it a wish list.

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